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There is no shortage of information you receive as an educator.

iCARE4 Adopted and Foster Families is the “go to” hub for parents, schools and mental health professionals to find evidence-based, oundational training, support and resources on attachment trauma and best practices.


What Teachers Should Know About Adoption

Social Media and Teens


To learn more about the unique experiences of adoptive, foster and kinship children and families, we suggest you view a few of the videos in our For Families links.

Resources and Trainings

C.A.S.E. Educational Training Services  (Teacher trainings that C.A.S.E. can customize for each individual school.)

Help For Billy PD Day (Heather R. Forbes, LCSW)

Help for Billy – Book Study (Heather R. Forbes, LCSW)

Classroom 180 (Heather R. Forbes, LCSW)

Classroom 180 Live

Training for Educators (HopeAlight)