Laura Adams - President and CEO

Laura is a passionate champion of children and families. She brings over 30 years of experience working with adoptive families, non-profits, churches, schools and businesses where she has seen how the power of compassion and connection can bring change and healing to children, families and communities. 

Laura launched iCARE4 Adoptive And Foster Families after her experience in raising her own internationally adopted daughters and success in founding FACTS4SafeFamilies, an advocacy platform, as well as Sequoia Families, an adoptive family support group, serving families throughout Chicago and the northern Illinois suburbs. Laura is trained in TBRI® and a strong advocate for attachment based interventions. She has been a member of the Outreach Committee, Christ Church (Lake Forest, IL), Advisory Council member through Unique Learners Unite, a private tutor and a reading coach for District 67 (Lake Forest, IL), the Founder and Coordinator of Show Your Love MLK Service Day (Lake Forest, IL), Board Member of Young Life (Allen, TX) and has local and national media advertising and marketing experience.

Most importantly, Laura and her husband Don are the proud parents of  four amazing daughters ages 17-32 who continue to show what is possible in the world. She has personally experienced the impact that various educational and mental health policies have on children with attachment trauma and their families. She is now channeling her experience to advance communication and partnership among all who raise and support adopted, foster and kinship children.

Dr. Kathleen Bush - Chair

Dr. Kathleen Bush, MA, LAPC, Post Adoption Program Specialist for Center for Adoption Education and Resources C.A.S.E., Consultant, Baby Fold.

Member of Advisory Council for the Attachment and Trauma Fellowship and Certification Program, Family Therapist at Truth in Love, specializing in attachment. Clinical Services and Adoption Support for Baby Fold, including the Adoption Support and Preservation Program, the Respite program, and oversees Training Services.

Consultant to TCU Karyn Purvis Institute for Child Development, Illinois DCFS Adoption Advisory Council and subcommittee for DCFS Child Welfare Advisory Committee, coauthor of "Trust-Based Relational Intervention for Adopted Children Receiving Therapy in an Outpatient setting."

Kathleen has provided over three decades of expertise in clinical services and training.

Brenda Marwede - Vice-Chair

Brenda Marwede, LCPC, founder of Professional Family Solutions has certifications in Trauma (CCTP), Child and Adolescent Trauma (CATP) and over two decades experience counseling families and children.

She has specific experience working with foster and adoptive families, counseling children with Complex Trauma, Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) and Disinhibited Attachment Disorder 

T-Ann Pierce - Secretary

T-Ann Pierce is a life-coach, writer and speaker with a background in Early Childhood and Personal and Family Development.

She is certified in cognitive behavioral therapy. As a mom of four, she understands the nuanced nature of family life and has experience with adoptive families.

Ruth Martin, PhD

Dr. Ruth Martin is a scientist by training, with degrees from the University of Chicago and Northwestern. She enjoys figuring out the big picture – where are we going, why are we headed there. Ruth brings outstanding cross functional leadership and critical thinking to the table.

She loves to connect people and listen to ideas, but is not afraid to make decisions when needed, even with limited data. Ruth not only brings over two decades of experience in science in the medical field, but real-world experience of inter-country adoption.

Ruth’s passions, in addition to her day job, include her family and helping others; especially those whose voices are marginalized and in need of an advocate. Her working motto – to whom much has been given, much is required.

Rani Nolan

Rani Nolan is a mother of five wonderful kids, ages 14 to 6 months, three of whom she gained through the gift of adoption.

Rani has a BS in mathematics and education and a MA in education research methodology. Rani is currently a middle and high school math teacher in Northfield, IL.

Rani is passionate about open adoption as a means to connect children to their biological family, and she speaks about her experiences at various conferences. Rani finds much joy in her multiracial and multicultural family, and she is excited to share her experiences with others.

Dan Vosnos

Dan is an impact leader and advocate for families and children with special needs. Advocating for his son, who was born with Down syndrome, gave Dan insight into the impact various educational policies have on individuals with unique learning needs. He is now channeling his experiences to bridge conversations between the general education community and the unique abilities community and to passionately advocate for students with unique learning needs.

He currently brings his leadership to organizations supporting his priorities in education - such as Unique Learners Unite - and GiGi’s Playhouse, whose vision is to see a world where individuals with Down syndrome are accepted and embraced in their families, schools, and communities.

He is a member of the 2023 50CAN National Voices Fellows, a cornerstone effort to build the American education system of the future that is far more open, interconnected, and student-centered.

Before taking on roles in advocacy, Dan served as a high school Administrator and Athletic Director in Chicagoland for over 20 years.