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There is no shortage of information you receive as a parent or a caregiver. How do you know which one is best?

iCARE4 Adopted and Foster Families is the “go to” hub for parents, schools and mental health professionals to find evidence-based, foundational training, support and resources on attachment trauma and best practices.

Being a parent or caregiver of an adopted, foster or kinship child can be challenging at times. 
Knowing where to turn to for resources shouldn’t be.

You can find links to articles, videos and training opportunities that relate to you and your family.

Continue to check back as we often add new ones.


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Training Opportunities

Trust Based Relational Intervention Training®, or TBRI®, 
by the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development.

TBRI® is Attachment-Based, Trauma-Informed, Whole-Child, Multi-Systemic & Evidence-Based model widely accepted throughout the world for its effectiveness. It helps parents build connection and trust with the children they care for. Virtual classes are led by facilitators.

Right Time Programs by the National Training and Development Program,
by Spaulding for Children

15 on-demand training videos covering issues experienced by adoptive and foster families helping families increase their competency in trauma-informed care-giving.

Core Teen Training, Spaulding for Children

On-demand training to enhance your learning of relational development fostering, increased commitment, positive connections and healing relationships.